Grateful Cat Wouldn’t Leave This Firefighter


A California firefighter has found a life-long friend in a cat he rescued while battling the Paradise wildfire.

After saving the cat, Ryan Coleman, Engine Captain at Fairview Valley Fire Department, shared a video to Facebook in which the besotted cat clings to Coleman’s face.

In the adorable video, which has been viewed nearly two million times, Coleman tells the cat: “Let’s go for a walk. Where are we going? We’re walking around.”

Photos shared by the firefighter also show the obvious love the feline has for her saviour, with the cat pawing Coleman’s legs as he scratches her head, and cuddling up to him.

“She just chilled on my neck and shoulders as I walked around,” Coleman wrote.

“So sweet! Thank you for all you do. You are a true hero,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Omg this makes my heart so happy! Did you save her?”

Unfortunately, Coleman wrote on Facebook that although he wishes he could keep the cat, he’s “still out here” battling the devastating California fires.

In previous posts, Coleman has shared photos and videos of the fires that have destroyed thousands of acres of land.

“On scene of the Camp Fire, and starting shift #1. My heart and prayers go out to the more than 2,000 families that lost their homes and all the people that lost loved ones. Hoping for the safety of my crew and fellow firefighters. I’m excited to be here helping out, and I’m ready to get started doing what we do!” he wrote

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