Spain Makes Its Biggest Investment To Date


Over the past few years, financial crises have become something of a staple throughout Europe. One country that’s seen at least their share of these has been Spain, but there a significant group of individuals and businesses have decided to see innovation and embracing new technology and ideas as the best road to renewed financial health.

Over the past couple of years Spain (Barcelona and Madrid in particular) have emerged as one of the top spots in Europe for startups. The country is home to almost 1800 startups, the majority of which are in the e-commerce and social media sectors. These entrepreneurs, and those that are looking to enter the startup scene, are aided by a network that includes about 200 investors and a robust network of incubators and companies designed to help startups succeed.

Some of the Top Startups

Here’s a small sample of the Spanish startups that have attracted a great deal of attention from investors and consumers over the past year:

  • Glovo

Glovo is based in Barcelona. The home delivery shopping service allows consumers to order local products and have them delivered in about one hour. Glovo covers restaurants and local shops and operates by connecting consumers with independent couriers who pick up and deliver the products ordered for flat fee of €5.50. Currently Glovo is available in only a few of the larger cities but continues to expand.

  • TokApp

TokApp is an instant messaging system designed to facilitate communications between schools and parents and students. The app provides schools with a secure and economical way to communicate, while providing the students and parents with an easy way to receive and respond to messages.

  • The Wonder Trip

The Wonder Trip offers an interesting combination of travel and adventure by offering package travel deals for weekend getaways at a low price throughout Europe. The adventure part comes from the fact that travelers are not told their destination until two days prior to their departure.

  • Startupexplore

One of the sure signs of a healthy startup community is the existence of startups designed to aid other startups. Startupexplore is one such company. The two-year-old company is home to Spain’s largest community of investors and startups. The company’s goal is to help startups secure funding in a transparent manner. Startupexplore works with some of the best-known angel investors in Spain.

Other notable recent startups deal with placing domestic help, document security, live music bookings, e-learning, portfolio management and marketing tools for digital creators, specialty career services, and legal document creation.


Barcelona is one of the key Spanish startup hubs. Most of the financial and business companies can be found in the Les Corts district. Barcelona has become a top destination for expats which has spawned a number of blogs which deal with living and working in the city, another sign of the city’s, and the country’s, thriving startup culture.

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